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Most, if not all, of us youth here in Vancouver take transit as a mode of transportation. It also applies for the non-youth like moms with strollers or kids, senior citizens, and so on. Although transit here in Vancouver is accessible, it comes with a price. There are many unethical people (examples are: people who take more space than necessary, groups who talk SUPER loud, and so on) who make transit not so good. This blog entry is to remind us youth (who would probably use transit to school or work) and hopefully others too, about the proper behavior in the bus or train.

·       If there is limited number of seats, don’t take more than one seat. There are many of people who would want to sit, but are probably shy to ask for one.

·       Even if there are a lot of seats, don’t put your feet up the seat. It makes the seat dirty. And what if an attractive person wants to sit beside you and you have your feet up? You lose the chance, bro (or sis).
·       Give your seat to those needing of one. If you see an elderly person or a mom with kids or disabled person coming in, be courteous and offer your seat to them. They probably need it more than you do. Plus, doesn’t it feel good to help someone in need? Offer your seat!

·       If you’re in a group or on the phone, don’t talk too loudly. Be reminded that there are people around you who are living their day. You probably don’t intend to bother them, but you do if you talk louder than your indoor voice.

·       If you have your earphones on and want to listen to songs, don’t blast your music. When you have loud music playing on your ears and everyone can hear, it can get quite disturbing. Also, it’s probably better for your ears to have a cap to volume anyway. If you don’t have headphones, don’t listen to your music through speakers. Would you not last a 15-minute ride without listening to music? Come on!

·       If it’s raining, don’t put your umbrella on a seat. It makes the seat wet, and unusable. You wouldn’t want to sit on a wet seat, right?

·       Since most of us here are youth and take transit to school (or work), we carry our backpacks. If you’re in the train or bus and it gets crowded, remove your backpack. We tend to not notice that our packs bump onto other people when we move. So if it gets cramped, remove your pack and either carry it, or put it on the floor. Don’t be a hindrance or a bother to other people!

The seven things listed above are only guidelines or reminders to keep transit ethical and fun. There may be more that I didn’t mention, but these are the most noted bothers. Make sure to observe these things, and make the people around you happy. I hope you have a fun time going back to school!

- Jose

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