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Things to Do During the Summer (If You Are a Student)

For some, summer is vacation time. You can finally sleepy really late and not worry about any deadline for tomorrow. However, for us students, it’s a bit different. We never really get a break with deadlines until we graduate high school.  For that reason, I’m going to give you some advice on how to make the most out of your summer as a high school student. 

1. Volunteer 
If I have any regrets during my high school years, it’s the fact that I didn’t do my volunteer work during the summer. It was a bit too late when I found out that there AREN'T a lot of volunteer opportunities for students during the school year. Sure there are some, but imagine having a volunteer work that requires more time than school itself. I remember being frustrated about getting enough hours for volunteer requirement whilst finding extra time to study for my exams.  Remember, we, as high school students, always have to prioritize what will help us towards our graduation. Think twice before you book that vacation. Think of the 30hrs required volunteer work for graduation. 

2. Summer School 
One advantage of going to summer school is you only have to do 2 months to complete a course.  Think of the classes that you want to improve your grades on or credits that you need to fulfill in order to complete the graduation requirement.  If you feel that you are tired from the last year and desperately need a break, just remember that you are only going to be doing it for 2 months! You might even have lots of free blocks when you return to school. 

3. Work 
Working is also a good option for your summer. You can start earning money for expenses you will have for the next year or you can save it for your tuition fee when you get out.  You might even have to say no to student loan if you have enough savings or use it to pay for your textbooks. 

4. Prepping for College 
I know that most of the things I’ve already said is about preparing for graduation. Nevertheless, if you’re planning to go to college, it’s important that you take the time to research your prospective university or college. Don’t be one of those students who leave their planning at the very last minute and so unfortunately for them, it was too late when they found out they have to meet requirements, not just for graduation, but requirements the college itself has imposed (e.g. a certain grade in English 12 or Math 12 or extracurricular activities to buff your application ) There are lots of people you can get help from such as your high school counsellor, a counsellor from your prospective college or current students who are there.  

5Extra Curricular Activities 
Of course, summer is still summer. Don’t stay too much inside your home and bury your face in your phones, TV, or booksDuring the school year, you probably spent your time doing repetitive actions (i.e. wake up, eat, school, eat, home, sleep). It is important for your body that it gets some actual exercise. Remember that you also need to unwind after that stressful school yearGet up and do something under the sun. It maybe sports, community work, or just walking your dog.  Most importantly, ECE’s are also a requirement for graduation. Ask you counsellor how many hours a week you have to accomplish. 

There’s a lot of pressure for us high school students. As immigrants, the pressure is even a tad bit more because there’s this feeling that we are just getting started on this new chapter of our lives and there are already tons of things we have to accomplish such as the things mention above, and what makes it hard is that we haven’t completely settled in yet – at least emotionally.  So don’t feel too worried if you’re not meeting everything on time. You just have to pause, think, and plan wisely. Get some help from high school counsellors or you can maybe visit our website! We have tons of blogs that are full of tips on how to make the most out of your high school experience. All are written by immigrants! So yes, we know exactly how you feel.  Go on and enjoy the rest of the summer! 
Monday, 27 July 2015
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