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(This is a post about my first day of school in Canada and how I met my best friends.)

It all started when I was still waiting for the result of my assessment examinations. One morning during the first week of my school here in Canada, I got a call from my mom. She told me to dress up within 15 minutes! She said that we have to go to the school. I was really hurried because I didn’t even prepare myself. When we arrived to school, my counselor came to talk to us. He also introduced me to another new student. He is Japanese and also my first friend at the school! The counselor said that we had to start school the day the day after. On the next day, I was really nervous because I didn’t know anyone. I went to the counselor’s room and waited for the bell. After the bell rang, my counselor took me to the first class. When we got to the classroom, we were shocked to see an empty room. My counselor and I were like “where are they”? So my counselor asked the student that just passed by….. and guess what he told us? My classmates and teacher were all at the garden!! That meant I had to help them planting and cleaning up the school instead of English class.... which was interesting!

Regarding my best friends, I didn’t really have friends for the first class because most of them were ESL students who rarely talked to me because of language barrier. Luckily, in my dance class (on the same day), I met a person from the same country as me! So she brought me to eat lunch with her and her friends. I was really happy and thankful for her for bringing me to this group. I am so happy to know that we have lots of things in common and yes.. they are my best friends now! 


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