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It’s almost the end of year 2014, which means it’s the season for New Year resolutions again. Have you ever set a goal and achieved it? If yes, then good for you (but still read on)! If no, then keep reading.  A lot of us would probably say, “oh I will try my best to lose some weight,” or “I will stop drinking soda,” or “I will stop procrastinating” and the list goes on. But do we follow through? We set resolutions in the New Year to change our lives for the better. That’s good, right? But hold on, why do we have to wait for the end of the year? Why not start now?

I’d like to introduce to you what I call “The Now Year.” Start now, (yes, NOW) and when the new year comes, you’re already ahead of yourself! No more waiting for January 1st to sign up for that gym membership- start midway December before all the Holiday parties (and all the eating) start!

With this new idea introduced, it brings afloat the topic of “living in the moment,” where one lives life to the fullest now, whilst not worrying much about yesterday and tomorrow. Now is important because that is where you are now. Now is where you can make things happen! So if you want to change something in your life (like what you would say in a New Year’s resolution), you can’t do it yesterday. You can do it tomorrow, but why wait? Do it now, in the NOW Year!

So let’s change tradition. Instead of saying “Happy New Year,” be grateful for what is now and say “Happy Now Year!”  Be reminded that the next year is still tomorrow, and what matters most is the present.  Be in the moment! Live in it!

Aside: It’s interesting how changing one letter can significantly alter the definition of a phrase. It takes one small thing to change a big thing. Do you ever think about that too, how our little good deeds result in bigger rewards? That could be a good Now Year’s resolution: do more good in the community!

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the ‘present.’” –Shifu, Kung Fu Panda

Live in the moment (yes, that means now),

- Jose

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