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Source: Jon Rawlinson

As an immigrant coming from a third world country, Vancouver is one of the best places on Earth. There are many reasons to love the city--from its beauty, its opportunities, and its community.  All of these things combined make the best city ever.

Vancouver--British Columbia in general--is SUCH a beautiful place. Have you seen the mountains? Have you seen the waterfront? Have you seen the creative architecture of downtown? If you go on a long drive toward any direction from where you are, I am sure there is something amazing bound to be seen. We are blessed to have great beaches and parks. Speaking of parks, did you know that our very own Stanley Park is named as Top Park in the World according to TripAdvisor? Yup!

Most of us moved to Canada for a better tomorrow. Although yes, the living expenses here are quite high, it’s still something worth more than what we had. Vancouver is a place of opportunities- may it be career-wise or education-wise or both.

My most favourite reason as to why Vancouver is so awesome is its sense of community. For example, the Vancouver Immigrant Youth Blog wouldn’t have been established if it wasn’t for a bunch of new immigrant youth wanting to make a difference! And here in Vancouver, there are numerous people who are inclined to change the world. Have you heard that Vancouver is one of the greenest places on Earth (or at least trying to be one)? Volunteerism is also on the incline because of all the beautiful, selfless people inhabiting this little bubble of awesomeness. Vancouver is also a diverse place. Everywhere you go, you meet a person of a different background! I always like to compare Vancouver as a mall’s food court- you can find food from all nationalities in one place! Vancouver is hundreds of countries merged together in unity.

We are extremely lucky to live in such an amazing place. I don’t know about you, but for me, Vancouver is the place to be. So be grateful you live in a great city. Let’s also respect its beauty by keeping it green and peaceful. Vancouver is definitely a place worth bragging about.

To Vancouver, the city of rain


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