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Have you heard about the term CS in your school before? 
You might notice that sometimes there’s a student in your class who just sits at your teacher’s desk, marking some papers, doing something on the computer or just organizing some of your teacher’s files. When I was still new in Canada, I was really curious why he/she didn’t do any work or project that the teacher assigned, so I asked my friend and she said, “Oh! That’s a CS.”  Since then, the idea of a CS has made me curious. So I tried being a CS this year. I have a free block (which means I have a period on a day where I do not have any class), so many people advised me to take CS. I think it is a very good opportunity for me.

What is a CS?
CS stands for Community Service. In some schools, it might be called a “service block”. In high school, it is usually associated with two meanings. CS can refer to the Community Service class itself, which is a period in your timetable that requires you to help or give “service” to someone. CS is also the term used to refer to people who are in taking that class, volunteering to help a teacher or any staff at the school.

What does a CS have to do?
A CS has to help teacher from what she/he assigns. Sometimes, CS might have to find information from the internet, check student’s homework, or type the assignments. (depends on who is the teacher you are CS for)

Benefit of being a CS?
You will have free blocks!! Yeahh!… just kidding. It actually depends on the teacher. For me, it is not actually a free block. My teacher usually gives me some work to do. However, she is really nice and she assigns easy tasks, which is why I regularly have free time during that period. Another beneficial thing is that you can receive credits for being a CS, too. The credits are the same as the ones you get for your electives. Being a CS is really worth it because you get to help others, get graduation credits for yourself, and do something interesting outside of your own home works/projects/quizzes!

How can you become a CS?
Well… My friend told me that you have to be in grade 11 or 12 first. For the international students, you have to be in grade 12, so you can take CS. I am not pretty sure about this, it might depend on the rules of your school. Also, you have to have a free block so that you have time allotted for helping someone (usually a teacher). Probably the hardest step to becoming a CS is finding a teacher that you want to help. This is really hard because usually, the teacher that you want to help is going to be chosen by other students who are taking Community Service. Chances are your favorite teacher has already been chosen by somebody else. But after you select a teacher that you want to help out, you have to get the form from the counselor’s room and fill in the form.

I definitely recommend signing up for Community Service!


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