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(Photo by David Joyce)

        Back home in the Philippines, there are only two seasons: the sunny and the rainy season. Here in Canada, there are four: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. As of December 21, seasons change from fall to winter. And let me tell you, winter could go good or bad.

              Only here in Canada have I experienced snow. When I first encountered it, I felt like a little kid opening presents during Christmas day. I rejoiced for many days. I built snowmen and igloos, and even fought friends during snowball fights. (Gosh, I miss those days.) For those who have not been drizzled with yet, falling snow is delightful. When it slowly floats around, it is enlightening. The skies turn brown, and everything is illuminated. Sometimes, snow precipitation gets really strong- that’s when I enjoy it the most because it gets powerful.

              During the winter season, it is fun to go up in the mountains and experience the winter sports. There are activities for funsies such as snow-tubing and snow shoeing. There are also other activities that require more effort and practice: skiing and snowboarding. Make sure to try them out while the snow is fresh!

              Although the snowfall could be fascinating, it also brings hazards to the people. Of course when the snow goes down, it piles up in the ground. When there’s a lot of snow in the roads, it gets pretty slippery and dangerous (especially when added with rain). When the snow precipitation is mixed with rain, it is called “slush” which is the most annoying and dangerous. However unlike other Canadian cities, Vancouver’s snowfall is not a whole lot. The most consecutive days that it would snow is probably around three days.

              Winter is just around the corner, so you better be ready for it. Wear a good amount of clothing to protect yourself from the cold and the rain. Vancouver weather is unpredictable, so bring an umbrella around. Enjoy the snow as much as you can, but take extra care!

Stay toasty, friend.

- Jose

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