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Shakespeare quoted one of the most important things shared to mankind. Your life is a story and you’re the main character.

In movies, when someone is about to die, they usually don’t go without a fight. Think of humans against a horde of zombies. No matter how futile their efforts are, they still fight to survive, they try hard to live, they work together to make the battle easier. Your life is just like that, everyone’s life is.

Would you believe it if I tell you that your life is just like a video game, a book, or a film? You’re the player, the main character, the protagonist. Everyone else are just supporting characters, antagonists, and stock characters. Think about it for a second, you don’t want to call yourself the minor character in your life story, it is your life, not someone else’s.

Life is a game, your character is either strong at first or strong at the end. In the real world, we call them prodigies and late bloomers. A prodigy is just extremely gifted, born with the skills and talent, gets special attention while young. A late bloomer is the opposite, a random nobody until the day the late bloomer begins a series of hard work (quests) to improve itself. Both, of course, can reach the same pinnacles of the game, the finales (the boss levels), the best moments in life once achieved. Leaving a mark on civilization, just like Mozart, Einstein, Disney, Socrates, Lincoln, Da Vinci, and many others, whether child prodigies or late bloomers, they all reached the same heights of success. Game is not over, work hard from now on, make a plan—they all did, successful people owe their success to their hard work.

Courtesy of: Matthew Paulson

Life is a storybook, you’re the main character. The story can be set in a millionaire’s house, an impoverished country, or the middle-class neighborhood. A good story requires a great conflict, something the protagonist needs a lot of effort to beat. There’s going to be drama, horror, psychological dilemmas, hardships, and sadness as the story goes on. Also, there will be times of happiness, love, excitement, sentimentality, and friendship. Your story continues chapter after every chapter, some long and some short. The story revolves around you and the conflict: could be your school, peers, family, society, and even yourself. The story only ends when one force prevails, you must overcome the antagonist, do not try to escape it. Work hard to achieve success, don’t procrastinate, a good story has no chapter where the main character does nothing important.

Life is a film, a movie without a specific genre, not just action, not just adventure, not just drama. Life is a mix of many different genres, there’s adventure, romance, suspense, comedy, drama. You either aspire for a movie (life) you want that’s full of satisfaction, or you can aim low and reduce the amount of possible genre mixings. You may not have control of everyone, thus you can’t be the writer of your life, but you’re the director, the one who chooses a vision to follow. Oh, and make sure it’s a cool movie, you’d be able to leave a mark on society.

Dream for a nice life, but don’t forget that a lot of effort goes a long way, studying an hour a day amounts to more than 350 hours in a year. Learning 5 foreign words a day amounts to more than 1800 words a year, enough for language eloquence. I’ve seen a lot of people get the supermodel body after exercising daily, within months. Working hard can get you anywhere, just like when Michael Jordan was in high school, the only thing extraordinary about him, at that time, was that he played as if every game was his last.

Just remember this: dream then start, then you fail, then you succeed… and then you improve.

- Angelo

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