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Changes in life can seem scary sometimes. Changes can be quick and unnoticeable; while other times, it’s so sudden and we weren't even prepared for it. That’s why some people describe changes as tornados: they hit without any sign of warning and can turn your house upside down completely. I usually don’t like changes because I will have to adapt to the new environment and I’m usually not good at it.

The biggest change I’m facing this year is to graduate from high school. It will be one of my most important life events. I think it will take me awhile to get used to my new life. So I want to prepare early. I asked my friends attending universities and got some tips that will be useful to adapt to changes in your life such as moving, changing school and going to university.

Tip#1:   Make friends
Engage with people, converse, ask questions. When you have friends, you won’t feel lonely. You can have someone to talk to and hang out with. It’s the best to start during the first week, while everyone is in the same boat. It is hard to make the first move, but it will benefit you later on. Be nice and just be you. It’s simple!

Tip#2:   Join clubs
There are lots of activities to do on campus. Take a look at the clubs list and join in. It’s the fastest way to make new friends. You get to meet many people with same interests as you do. Don’t be scared.

Tip#3:   Learn to use the library in semester one
Learning how to use the library resources is always important because you will be spending lots of time here researching. It will be painful learning how to research because it’s boring. But it will pay off later in the year.

Tip#4:   Choose courses you enjoy
You can always go to the first class and see how it goes. If you were bored and didn’t find it interesting, then drop it and find a new year. By choosing a course you enjoy, you will be motivated and willing to learn.

Tip#5:   Don’t over commit
Start with a couple classes. Add more if you have the time for it. Do not start your year with 10 courses and a job. It will stress you out! Slow down and take time to learn.

Tip#6:   Don’t Wait
If you feel yourself falling behind, do something about it immediately. Reread lecture notes and textbooks, ask a friend, do extra practice or ask your professor. Don't wait till right before the midterm/exam to deal with it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Tip#7:   Ways to save money
Work! Working during school can reduce your debt upon graduation. Most of the schools offer on campus jobs. You can work part-time and save it up. Universities can be expensive! Also, buy used textbooks! Ask around for used textbooks or buy them online (craigslist etc.) It can save you A LOT of money. If you don’t write on it, you can re-sale it next year! 

Hopefully these short and basic tips will be handy once you are in university!

- Lu

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