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In my first year here in VANITY I wrote a blog about the advantages of newness, may it be technology, traditions or just plain new ideologies in life. However, that blog was too general. So for this New Year, I am writing about few specific changes that have made my life better since I’ve moved here in Canada.

I guess the first thing that has changed in me is being quieter. Though any people that know me well will say otherwise, I think that I’ve gotten quieter. Usually, I will be the one who keeps a conversation from dying, because dear God I can’t stand awkward silence, but now, I seem to be quite comfortable with it. It gives me peace. Quite antisocial though. I also have a problem of not thinking before talking which often gets me into icky situations even though I did not mean any offense or make myself look stupid, and so being quiet just saves me from this. Being quieter also taught me how to listen. You know that moment when a friend tells you something and you tell him/her something the same from your experiences and you ended up shifting the tide of conversation and you feel like you are not “empathising” anymore and you just look like a big ball of narcissism? (or at least, that’s how I feel) Welp, being quiet once again saves me from doing this. Like I said, as someone who is talkative and uncomfortable of awkward silences, being quiet has finally given me the opportunity to just shut up and realize that not talking isn’t the worst thing in the world and just to drink in what others are saying and being observant is probably one of the greatest pleasures that one should experience.

Another change in my life is probably me being more of a friendly person. Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the friendliest persons I know, but sometimes I tend to be not so approachable. Some of my friends said that I have this habit of raising one of my eyebrow, and honestly, I do that on purpose (or sometimes not on purpose). I know that raising your eyebrows makes people stay away from you and somehow, I do this technique to feed my anti-social tendency; actually, scratch that. I’m not antisocial, I’m anti-stranger.  So how did I get friendlier or more approachable? As an immigrant, I started with zero friends when I came here. Everything was twice as hard and being new in a new place didn’t make it easier.  I had to put myself out there and put on the biggest smile I can everyday and voila! It actually worked. I have friends and I even find myself eating lunch in the school cafeteria with people I don’t even know! It’s actually better when you’re the one who’s approaching them. Though, sometimes you’ve got to be careful not to come off as creepy! Maybe you should read one of my break-the-ice blog *wink* *wink*

New things in our life can always be seen in a different angle. Sometimes they can be “bumps”, but as I have previously said, try to see the silver lining. New is always better. .. better in some ways we haven’t seen yet!

- Anonymeh

“Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable” - Denis Waitley

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